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Chris Zwilling

Post Doctoral Fellow Email: ude.sionilli@1nilliwz Phone: 217-300-2530 Chris Zwilling is interested in model based cognitive neuroscience which uses cognitive or behavioral models to gain insight into the underlying neural substrate. He is currently interested in models of higher order cognition, including decision making processes and working memory.  To accomplish these goals, he employs various statistical […]

NHPR: Breaking Down the Brain

Scientists at the University of Illinois report that they have mapped the physical architecture of the brain with accuracy never before achieved. Their study, published in Brain: A Journal of Neurology is the largest, most comprehensive analysis so far of the brain structures vital to general intelligence –which depends on a remarkably circumscribed neural system […]

HealthDay News: Researchers Map Brain Regions Linked to Intelligence

Study of head injury patients helps identify regions involved in thinking abilities The physical architecture of intelligence in the brain has been mapped by scientists who used brain injury patients to conduct their research. The findings provide new insight about the specific brain structures involved in general intelligence and specific skills such as memory and […]