Tanveer Talukdar

Research Scientist

Lab Phone: 217-300-1464

In my research, I have been extensively involved in investigating neurobiological markers of brain health and cognition. My recent work explores neural correlates of behavioral and physiological traits based on individual difference approach. Specifically, I examine how lifestyle factors such as physical fitness and nutritional status account for inter-subject differences in individuals’ functional brain connectome. At a broader level, I would like to understand whether physical fitness and biostatus in particular nutrients confer beneficial effects on brain health and cognitive function, which will have important implications in psychological health, aging and disease. I am also leading efforts to analyze heterogeneous datasets comprising neuroimaging, nutritional and cognitive measures to map common sources of variation based on data fusion techniques. This may help in identifying important interdependencies between nutrition, measures of brain function and cognition that support healthy brain aging. My prior work has largely focused on physiological data analysis based on multimodal neuroimaging with EEG-NIRS, computational modeling of neurovascular coupling relationship and network neuroscience.