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fMRI scans may improve diagnosis of sports-related concussion

  Results indicate that altered blood oxygen level–dependent variability holds promise as a novel neurobiological marker for detecting alterations in cerebral perfusion and neuronal functioning in sport-related concussion, motivating future research to establish and validate clinical assessment protocols that can incorporate advanced neuroimaging methods to characterize altered cerebral physiology following mild traumatic brain injury. Click […]

Network neuroscience theory best predictor of intelligence

  Recent evidence in network neuroscience indicates that general intelligence may depend on system-wide network mechanisms, suggesting that the spatially localized predictions of standard theories may be necessary but not sufficient to account for the neural architecture of intelligence. To investigate this key theoretical issue, we directly compared the predictions of local versus global theories […]

The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence and Cognitive Neuroscience

The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence Cognitive Neuroscience reviews state-of-the-art research emerging from the rapidly developing neuroscience literature on human intelligence, with particular emphasis on theoretical innovation, methodological advances, and applications for research on cognitive enhancement, clinical translation, and education and public policy. Read More